May 8, 2019

Theodore TR1

Theodore Racing was formed in 1974 by Teddy Yip to run cars for the Formula 5000 season. Soon after one of the F5000 car owners Sid Taylor joined Yip as a partner he helped fuel the teams ambition to venture into Formula One.

In 1974 Theodore began by indepe...

September 30, 2018

Lola T70 MKII - 1966

Eric Broadley the original Lola T70 MKI’s designer and engineer, continued from where he left off when designing the Mark II’s, beginning with finding drastic weight reduction techniques to improve the heavy 626 Kg that the MKI had weighed. The tubs...

August 31, 2018

Lola T70 MKI - 1965

The Original Lola T70’s now described as the Lola T70 MKI, was designed to compete in the American Can-Am races.

Eric Broadley designed the Lola T70 Spyder in 1965 back at Lola in Slough. The T70’s where sold to private race teams and was Lola’s first...

July 30, 2018

The History of the Jaguar E-Type 


The Jaguar E-Type is one of the most iconic and loved British sports cars ever produced.  Even Enzo Ferrari is reported to have called it "the most beautiful car ever made" (1961).

In March 1961, Jaguar Cars Ltd unveiled the Jag...

June 25, 2018

Tyrrell 012-01

1983 - 1985

Designed by Maurice Philippe

Ian Simmonds Tyrrell 012-01 is currently presented in its original Benetton sponsored livery, he has owned the car since 2009 to the present. 

“It was a dream to race a historic Formula 1 car, probably a foolish...

June 15, 2018

Once a Month Complete Motorsport Solutions will be looking into the history, and sharing with you some of the interesting stories regarding the historic cars we run, and have restored, historic drivers who originally raced the cars, and historic race event that have pa...

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