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Complete Motorsport Preparation and Facilities


The Complete Motorsport Solutions team operates from state of the art motorsport facilities based in Kimbolton Cambridgeshire. The team recently expanded to their new premises which now allows the team to undertake all projects in house, with modern machinery and equipment. The clean, modern facilities now mean that Complete Motorsport Solutions can undertake more work, including being able to rebuild engines, as there is more equipment available to them. The modern facilities are also much bigger than the team’s old premises and allows CMS to store a lot more cars without the threat of running out of space.

CMS Historic Racing Facilities
CMS Historic Racing Team
CMS Motorsport Facilties
CMS Motorsport Team

Alongside extensive facilities, Complete Motorsport Solutions also own their own small fleet of vehicles which allow the team to take on a wide range of transportation jobs. It also means that CMS can provide you with the best possible service as the team are able to pick up parts and deliver parts quickly and efficiently, providing you with the most cost effective solutions. As part of the fleet of vehicles, Complete Motorsport Solutions has a 6 car transporter which can carry cars up to 2.2 meters wide. This allows us to offer British and European transportation to our customers, with the assurance that we have an operator’s license and are fully insured.


The extensive facilities and vehicles owned by Complete Motorsport Solutions allows us to provide motorsport preparation to the highest standard. Our aim is to provide you with professional motorsport preparation which will allow your racing weekends to flow and provide you the driver with as much seat time as possible in your car over the weekend. The team is highly experienced in preparing the cars to a professional standard and will make sure that your historic race cars are at their best and set up correctly for each circuit and event you wish to attend. With modern in house machinery and equipment we can also ensure that you will receive an efficient service with all work being undertaken by the team at their base in Kimbolton. This will ensure that all work carried out on your car will be to the same high standard that is carried out by the Complete Motorsport Solutions team. This will also mean that you will be provided with a reliable and trustworthy motorsport preparation service, with our aim to provide you with clear costs at all times. Team manager Philip Cheek, who has 8 years of experience in modern LeMans, is dedicated to providing you with the best service and clear costs, and is also keen to keep you informed regularly with updates on your historic race car. The premises are kept in a clean and safe environment and are always ready if you want to visit and see your cars, there are also modern meeting rooms which allow you to have meeting with Philip and discuss exactly what you want to get from your historic race car. Complete Motorsport Solutions will always make sure that you get the best from your car and that it is prepared meticulously before every event.

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