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CMS historic race team services


Complete Motorsport Solutions Services

Complete Motorsport Solutions is based in Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire UK. CMS can offer a full motorsport package, including restoration and development of cars,  historic and modern, preparation of race cars, transportation services across Europe and further destinations for special motorsport events, and race weekend support.


Contact us for a customised and very competitive quotation for all your motorsport needs

The team has a fleet of vehicles that make it possible to offer a full range of transportation options, whether a single vehicle is needed to be delivered to a certain location or a collection of prized cars/bikes need to transported across Europe Complete Motorsport Solutions can help.  The whole fleet is regularly maintained to ensure that they are up to current EU regulations.

Complete Motorsport Solutions headquarters has over of 10,000sqft of space, for storage, restoration of cars and race car preparation. Built in specialist equipment and machinery  use of specialist equipment and machinery the team can carry out restoration and motorsport preparation in house and to the highest standard.

Our team will also prepare and run your car at race meetings, providing you with a professional team environment. Catering and accommodation is always offered as part of the package. The team will make sure that your car is performing at its best throughout the race weekend and will make sure you have guidance and advice at all times.

Complete Motorsport Solutions Facilites


Complete Motorsport Solutions


Complete Motorsport Solutions


Complete Motorsport Solutions


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