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Motorsport Restoration Service

Complete Motorsport Solutions offers a fully comprehensive restoration and rebuilding service for all historic racing cars, whether it be transforming a road vehicle to a racing standard or stripping and rebuilding an existing historic racing car. CMS has experience in rebuilding a range of different historic race cars, from a 1983 semi lightweight Jaguar E-Type to historic formula one cars.

Our modern facilities mean that we can offer you the complete restoration service all performed in house. CMS has extensive machining facilities and can complete engine rebuilds in house, including restoring a Jaguar E-Type engine. Whether you need damage repairing on your race car or you need your car to be stripped and rebuilt, Complete Motorsport Solutions are able to finish any level of restoration to the highest standard.

The team takes the upmost pride in all work that is carried out, and they always make sure that the whole restoration process is completed precisely and efficiently. With all work being completed in house we can monitor every part of the rebuild which allows us to provide our customers with full confidence that their rebuild will be performed to the highest standard and that their race car will be restored fully to its original race specification and appearance.

Below are some examples of restoration work that has been undertaken by Complete Motorsport Solutions, including the extensive rebuild of Michiel Smits’ Lola T70 which was destroyed at Goodwood 2016. There are also various magazine articles which have been written about work completed by Complete Motorsport Solutions, most recently being featured in the July 2017 edition of the Motorsport Magazine.

Gonçalo Gomes' Lotus Elan 26R

Gonçalo Gomes' Lotus Elan 26R was written off in Estoril in 2016. Complete Motosport Solutions has been tasked with providing a complete rebuild including new bodywork, wiring, fuel tank and suspension. Parts of the original car like the dash will be reused. Images will be uploaded soon!

Michiel Smits' Lola T70 MK1

In 2016, at the Goodwood 74th Members Meeting, Michiel Smits was involved in a serious freak accident which destroyed the Lola T70. It was Michiel's first time driving the car, when he was hit on the head by debris from another car, rendering him unconscious. With his foot still on the accelerator the Lola sped into the tyre wall at over 150 mph. Michiel was left with a serious concussion and fractures to six ribs and two vertebrae, but was still raring to get back into the car after his recovery.

The Complete Motorsport Solutions team worked hard to restore the Lola T70. A lot of the original parts were saved, the left front corner had to be replaced but the other three corners all feature the same parts. Everything was stripped down and crack tested, repaired if necessary and then put back in. 

The Lola and Michiel were reunited in time for the 75th Members Meeting this year where he finished 16th in the Surtees Trophy, despite a spin on the first lap, ironically at Woodcote where the 2016 accident took place.

Ian Simmonds 1963 

Jaguar E-Type Semi - Lightweight

Ian Simmonds had the Complete Motorsport Solutions team rebuild and restore his Jaguar E-Type. The Jaguar needed a complete strip and crack test where broken parts were found and replaced. The engine also needed a rebuild along with the gearbox and diff being redone. The team had all elements of the car worked through and replaced the brakes and the exhaust system to name a few. 

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