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Lola T70 MKII

Lola T70 MKII - 1966

Eric Broadley the original Lola T70 MKI’s designer and engineer, continued from where he left off when designing the Mark II’s, beginning with finding drastic weight reduction techniques to improve the heavy 626 Kg that the MKI had weighed. The tubs of the MKII used 85% aluminium alloy with only 15% sheet steel, compared to 60% steel in the earlier car. Riveted construction now took the place of the welding used in the MKI this then saved an additional 32 Kg in weight. Fuel bags replaced the original aluminium fuel tanks which could carry 145 litres of fuel, the new fuel bags helped prevent the common fuel leaks the MKI’s often had, and offered larger fuel storage of 227 litres.

Cooling on the MKII’s was increased with the use of a single radiator with an additional oil radiator incorporated, this was only made possible but the Group 9 rules which had been changed, so that the cars no longer needed to carry a spare wheel (which had been located in the nose of the MKI’s- see photo below!). The brakes where also improved with the use of radially vented brake discs to help with cooling and performance.

Lola T70 MKI - Spare Wheel in Nose (Group 9 Rules)

John Surtees was given the opportunity to test and drive the new Lola T70 MKII, and demonstrated that it was considerably faster than the original MKI, with all the weight saving changes and improvements made to the car. He went on to win the Guards International Trophy at Brands Hatch in 1966 in one of the Team Surtees cars.

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