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FOR SALE: Lola T212 - HU25

1971 Lola T212 HU25

- Engine Mileage: 780 miles - Geoff Richardson Engine

- Gearbox Mileage: 110 miles

- Fuel Cell Valid until: 2022

- Current HTP Valid until: 2027

A development of the Slough built T210 Sports Cars built for 1970 season, 21 T212 models are documented as having been produced by Lola Cars after its relocation in 1971 to a new factory in Huntingdon.

The T212 cars where numbered to follow the last T210 cars, thus commencing at SL212-17. Research shows that chassis HU212-25 was supplied to USA Agent Carl Haas on 12th February 1971 and raced at team Promotional Advertising in 1971-72 by Hugh Kleinpeter, Tony Belcher, Tom Waugh, and Bob Beatty.

The car was then sold on to Noah Lacona in 1973.

The car was finally last sold to Phil Hall in 2010.

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