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FOR SALE: Rennmax BN1-2

1962 Rennmax BN1-2

- Engine Mileage: 100 miles - Geoff Richardson Engine

- Gearbox Mileage: 100 miles

- Current HTP Valid until: 2025

Bob Britton set out to create a Lotus 20 replica from photographs and measurements but, after the first chassis BN1-1 had been built, he was able to get a Lotus 22 to copy and built a jig from that. A further six cars were built from original Rennmax BN1 jig. The BN1 was essentially a Lotus 20 with Lotus 22 suspension.

Rennmax BN1-2 was originally built for Laurie Ellis, but then decided to sell the unfinished car to Des Gay in 1963, who completed the car with a 1500cc Ford and subsequently raced it as a Lotus, the next 6 owners raced the car as a Lotus (Brendan Tapp (1968), Bill Reynolds, F. Houston (1970), Colin Fulton (1971), Gunter Tippman, Jim Shepherd (1974)). Shepherd began to restore the car to what he believed it to be (Lotus 20), to realise it wasn't, he then sold it onto Mike Ferrari and Bruce Gladstone in 1979, and once again the car passed through another 5 people (Les Seargent 1982, Anthony Taska 1984, Graeme Clark 1986, Ross Hodge 1988 before being completely restored in 2008 by David Doubtfire, the BN1-2 was then sold onto Australian owner Roger Ealand in 2011, before being purchased by current owner Phil Hall in 2015.

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