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Silverstone Classic 2014

Lead Up Tuesday 23rd July 2014, started as any ordinary day in the Complete Motorsport Solutions Race Workshop, we had planned to collect the Jaguar E-type engine from the engine builder in the morning, ready for Philip to put the engine and car back together ready to go to Silverstone the following night. Unfortunately the Engine didn’t get back to Kimbolton till 10pm Tuesday day (stress beginning to set in!). Thankfully Philip had it all under control, the engine was back in place Tuesday night, and the Car was on the floor by Wednesday lunch time, ready to be loaded. Thursday 24th July – Test Day Thursday begun with the rest of the team arriving, Pat, Jody, Tony, Simon and Elliott, a quick brief about how the weekend was going to work, final checks of team kit, and any last minute questions answered. “From beginning to end the team worked seamlessly together, this portrayed in the results which where gained through out the weekend.” The Test Day itself consisted of running both Phil Halls Lola T212 and Ian Simmonds Tyrrell 012. (The Jaguar E-Type was due to run on the test day but unfortunately there was no space available.) Regrettably the Lola T212 didn’t get much track time during the test day this was due to the frequency of other peoples Red Flags. On the plus side the time that the Lola was on circuit, the car showed how quick and reliable it was, giving Phil the confidence ready to race for the weekend. After having the Engine re-built in rapid time (Geoff Richardson Engineering Ltd.), the Tyrrell was using the first session as a shake down. After everything was checked, Ian Simmonds could then really get into the car, and enjoy the experience the Tyrrell gives, without having to worry about reliability issues. During the rest of the sessions throughout the day “Ian put down his best time ever at Silverstone.”(A Massive Bonus for the Team!) Friday 25th July – Qualifying The Morning was devoted to the team, cleaning and finishing off last little bits on the cars. By Lunch time everyone in the team including drivers begun pumping adrenaline, the first qualifying was to begin at 13:55 with Ian Simmonds Tyrrell 012, Phil Hall was also out in this qualifying session with his new Theodore TR1 (which had been bought over from Italy a few days earlier and was being run by the original Italian Team, for the Silverstone Classics.) The FIA Masters Historic Formula One Qualifying Results: Ian Simmonds: Tyrrell 012 Qualified: 10th out of 31 cars Best Time: 1:59.737 The next Qualifying session was for Ian’s Jaguar E-Type, in The Chopard International Trophy for Pre 66 GT Cars. Silverstone Classic had been penned in as the first official Race for the Jaguar E-Type, since being fully restored by Complete Motorsport Solutions. Ian was doubling up for this race with Mark Hales, a well known Professional Race Driver, with years of experience racing GT Cars. The qualifying result for this session was not as rewarding as the result from the Tyrrell. The session proved useful for the team, as an E-Type shake down. A few minor issues where found, before the car had even had time to cool down, the guys where on it and resolving the problems ready for the race the next day! The Chopard International Trophy for Pre 66 GT Cars Qualifying Results: Ian Simmonds & Mark Hales: Jaguar E-Type Qualified: 57th out of 63 Cars Best Time: 2:52.966 The final Qualifying session of the day was for Complete Motorsport solutions new customer: Phil Hall, in his Lola T212. Phil was doubling up with Professional Driver Nick Padmore. The pair put in an outstanding qualifying result with consistently quicker laps they put in the quickest time for their class and where less than 3 seconds off the overall best time (which had been put in by a Lola T70). The FIA Masters Historic Sports Cars Qualifying Results: Phil Hall & Nick Padmore: Lola T212 Qualified: 5th out of 32 Cars Best Time: 2:11.276 Saturday 26th July - Race Day Like Friday, the Morning was dedicated to a quick spanner check and to make sure that the cars where ready for the races later on. “At Silverstone Classics the Saturday and Sunday are often classed as the best days because of the huge crowds and the atmosphere of the entire event, live music during the days and evenings, car clubs filling up the outer paddocks, live races, and so much more. This all adds to the adrenaline and enjoyment for the drivers and teams.” The first race of the day for Complete Motorsport Solutions was the FIA Masters Historic formula One Race, which both Ian Simmonds and Phil Hall had qualified to be in, starting at 13:20. Half an hour before the race, the team took the Tyrrell down to the Collection area just beneath the massive TV and Podium. This then allows the public and media a chance to look around the cars and take pictures, before the race begins. Having Qualified 10th Ian was positioned near to the front of the grid, from beginning to end Ian consistently kept getting quicker times. Having a good start Ian made up number of places, for the rest of the race Ian competitively drove keeping the places which he had previously made. Unfortunately on the forth lap of the race Sid Hoole had a large accident rolling his Ensign N173, on the first corner, resulting the safety car to be out for two laps, on the second lap the red flag was waved and everyone was lined up on the start line in grid position (Parc Ferme Rules), until the accident had been all cleared up, ready for a rolling restart! FIA Masters Historic Formula One Race 1 Result: Ian Simmonds: Tyrrell 012 Race finish: 7th out of 31 CarsBest time: 1:59.841 The Next Race of the Day was The Chopard International trophy for Pre 66 GT Cars. Ian Simmonds Jaguar E-Type began in 57th place out of 62. This race was started by Mark Hales who quickly made up 19 places at the beginning and throughout his 30 minute stint. At the end of his stint there was a speedy driver change with members of the team helping pull Hales out of the car ready for Ian to get in.Once Ian was in the Car he continued making up places (10 more places), proving the reliability, speed and skill from both the car and drivers. “Overall the team and drivers seem very pleased with the E-Types first official Race!” Chopard International Trophy for Pre 66 GT Cars Race Result: Ian Simmonds & Mark Hales: Jaguar E-Type Race Finish: 28th out of 62 Cars Best time: 2:36.746 The Final Race of the Day began at 19:20. The Race was for the Lola T212. Beginning 5th on Grid out of 32 Cars, Phil and Nick where very excited. Phil Hall was to do the first stint of the race, consistently getting quicker and showing a clear sign of trust towards his car. On Lap 10 Half way into the Race Phil came into make a quick driver change, Nick was in the car in a flash and once out continued to keep the Lola competitive against the other Sports cars in the Race. With a consistent finish of 5th and 1st in class. The duo missed quickest lap time in class by less than 100th’s of a second. FIA Masters Historic Sports Cars Race Results: Phil Hall & Nick Padmore: Lola T212 Race Finish: 5th out of 32 cars Best time: 2.09.902 Sunday 27th July – Race Day 2 Sunday unlike all the other days began a little quieter, because there was only one car out that day (Tyrrell 012), so the team members assigned to the car finished final touches on the car, this then gave the rest of the team a chance to clean the other cars and begin putting their tools away ready for a quick load up at the end of the day. As always waiting for the race seems to take for ever, but then the last hour before a race everyone seems to be in a mad rush and getting stressed, for Complete Motorsport Solutions the team remained calm and steady and organised, with everything having been prepared early so that the environment for the driver is calm and relaxed. For Race Two Ian was positioned 7TH on the grid, after a great race the day before. Through out the race Ian was constantly racing with other cars, unfortunately the quicker drivers which had problems in the previous race quickly made way up through the grid passing Ian. Never the less Ian kept pushing his way round, and gaining a second and a half from the previous race, in his best time. FIA Masters Historic Formula One Race 2 Result: Ian Simmonds: Tyrrell 012 Race Finish: 9th out of 31 Cars Best time: 1:58.700 FIA Masters Historic Formula One Race Combined Result: Ian Simmonds: Tyrrell 012 Race Finish: 6th out of 31 Cars 2ND in Lauda Class Best time: 1:58.700 Silverstone Classic 2014: A reliable and quick weekend for all three cars which where run at Silverstone Classics by Complete Motorsport Solutions, great driving from all the drivers and a great team who worked together to get constant reliability from the cars.

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