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Expansion of Complete Motorsport Solutions

After a fantastic year in 2014, Complete Motorsport Solutions, has began to expand the team gaining more staff members, to help with the increased number of cars. Ian and Philip have also decided to replace the Tractor and Trailer unit, with larger and newer versions. In the past few weeks, the lorry has been through a MOT, put up for sale and sold. In that time Ian and Philip had viewed a number of trailers and tractor units, visited Holland and placed an order for a brand new 6 car trailer, and are in the last stages of finalising a tractor unit. The new trailer has a height of 4m, which is ideal for travelling to Europe, especially Holland (no more long detours around towns, to avoid the 4m bridge!) The new investment will enable CMS to offer a reliable, safe and fully legal transport service throughout Europe.

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