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Blyton Park Test

Complete Motorsport Solutions, took, both Ian Simmonds Jaguar E-Type and Phil Halls Lola T70 to Blyton Park, for a days testing/shake downs. The main reason for the test was to get Hall into the car to prepare him for, the Spa Six Hour race in less than 2 weeks. Phil Hall also wanted to test his T70, so he could then decide which of his Lola’s he wanted to take to Spa to run in the Masters Historic Sports Cars. Both Phil Hall and Ian Simmonds went out in the Lola T70, both coming out with big smiles, Hall decided he wanted to take the T70 to Spa. By mid afternoon, there appeared to be problems on the E-Types engine again, so the team called it a day and took both cars back to the workshop, where the T70 could be prepped ready for the Spa, and the E-Type to have its engine out again and rebuilt/checked. “Are we going to end up not taking the E-Type to Spa?”

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