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Donington Park Test

Complete Motorsport Solutions spent the day at Donington Park shaking down and testing theTyrrell 012, Lola T70 and Rennmax BN1, ready for the beginning of the season. The Lola T70 was driven by Nick Padmore and Ian Simmonds, both very complimentary about the cars handling. The day was mainly used to set up the car ready for Goodwoods 73rd Members meeting on the 21-22nd March. The Tyrrell 012, was driven by Ian, using the day to shake down and test the car ready for Barcelona on 17-19th April. The Rennmax BN1 was driven by Nick and Ian, who both got out of the car with big smiles on their faces! After a fantastic day with out any problems, the cars are all back and getting ready for Goodwood and Barcelona!

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