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Winter Update

A quick winter update, to help get everyone excited for 2016! Since the beginning of October (after Dijon), all of the cars have been striped down, and are beginning to be rebuilt after all the necessary crack testing and other checks have been made. Steve Allens engine has been sent away to be repaired after major engine difficulties throughout the year. We are looking forward to getting the engine back in the March 782 and getting Steve out testing at the beginning of next year. Ian Simmonds Jaguar E-Type has been striped back down to a bare shell, after the disastrous accident at Spa during the Spa Six Hour qualifying, the repairable parts have been sent away to be repaired and some parts have already been repaired in house, we are currently waiting for new parts to arrive back with us which can then be sent of for paint. We know Ian cannot wait to be back out testing, and we are very excited about the E-Type being back out on track in the near future. Phil Halls Formula Junior - Cooper T59 is also being rebuilt ready for 2016! As the cars are striped down, body work has been sent of to paint, to ensure the cars are all looking their best for next season. Another update will be published in the new year! I have attached a link to our Facebook for you all to catch up on videos and other photos from 2015!

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