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74th Members Meeting

Phil Hall’s Lola T70, received its second invitation to enter into the 74th Members Meeting, after a two fantastic races at Goodwood in 2015 (73RD Members Meeting & Goodwood Revival), where Nick Padmore at both events put the T70 on the podium by winning. At the 74th Members Meeting, Nick unofficially broke his own lap record (73RD M.M - 1:18.217) set at last years 73rd Members Meeting (74th M.M - 1:17.079), during qualifying where he placed the T70 on Pole in the Bruce McLaren Trophy. The Race on Sunday, began with Nick tucking in behind Phil Keen, into Madgwick but he soon made a bold move down the inside of Keen, taking back pole position and pulling a lead of 0.6 seconds. The Bruce McLaren race was prematurely bought to a close after an incident on track. Nick Padmore was declared the winner of the race despite only 2 laps of the 20 minute race being completed.

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